Conditions for receiving the treatment

On the day that you receive the service, if the customer has a congenital disease or health problem that cannot receive MONDO HIFU service,
in some cases, the confirmation and consent from the expert may be required. Therefore, please contact the clinic in advance.

  • People with severe liver or kidney disease.
  • People with a history of cancer, epilepsy, etc.
  • People with heart disease or using electronic medical devices (e.g. pacemaker, etc.)
  • People who have used steroid hormones for a long time or have liver abnormality.
  • People with skin rash and inflammation due to atopic dermatitis or excessive amounts of sunburn.
  • Those who had received a surgery within the past year
  • People who had received the new Covid-19 Virus vaccine within a past few weeks.
  • People who have a magical golden thread lift on their face.

For those who are in the confirmation list for receiving the treatment from the other clinics, please avoid MONDO HIFU treatment during the so-called recovery period of the other treatments.

  • Those who injected Botox, fillers, hyaluronic acid within 2 weeks.
  • Those who have done the magical thread lift within 1 month.
  • Those who removed the facial hair within 2 weeks
  • People who have plaques, silicones, or prosthetics leg around the treatment area.
  • Those who have done skin peeling within 1 week.

Treatment procedures

    Describes the machine function and the contents of the treatment.
    After confirming the service and price, you can directly go to the treatment room.

    ② At the treatment room, we will provide you a mirror to observe your face and discuss about the point of concern in order to analyze and advise the customers on what adjustments should be made and which area that the customers are worried about.

    ③ Removes your makeup and apply a cooling gel.
    After starting the treatment, we will spend 30-40 minutes. We will observe the balance of the face and apply the treatment at the same time.

    ④ After the treatment, you can put on your makeup and use the skin care at the make-up room (we provide a basic skin care such as serum, which contains human stem cells that is developed by Japanese company, and others).
    (Please bring your own makeup tools and cosmetics).

    ⑤ Payment and booking inquiry.
    Cash/Transfer/Credit card (except American Express) can be used to pay as specified.

    *Privilege for the next booking. If you book the date immediately after receiving the service, you will be able to claim the reservation at the special price.
    (Special privileges for customers using the facial services only)

    * For the treatment process, it usually takes about 90 – 120 minutes per session.
    (for the facial treatment)


    Precautions after treatment

    After receiving the treatment, please refrain from ingesting food and alcohol for 2 hours as the body’s absorption system will increase temporarily. If you eat any food, your body will absorb too much amount of sugar and carbohydrates.