The origin of MONDO HIFU
What is old HIFU version?

It is a high frequency ultrasound waves that is sent to stimulate the muscles under the skin.
It is developed from medical technology for beauty enhancement. The ultrasound waves can break down the extra fat without damaging the skin layer. You can reduce your body’s extra fat although you receive only a few episodes of treatment.
In addition, the heat also helps increasing collagen which results in firmer skin and improves skin moist. It is the technology that is claimed to be “The only treatment that is never be wasteful” even though you receive the treatment only one time.


The difference between the old version HIFU and MONDO HIFU.

For those who want to maintain their beauty (the older they are, the more beautiful) without receiving surgery, injection, magical thread lift and suffering from pain, MONDO HIFU is the best alternatives for you!

The treatment includes muscles stimulation which result in more efficient and tighter muscles.

・Those who have less fat and more sagging skin.
→ Deep cheek groove which makes them look shabby.
→ Easily get saggy skin.
→ The upper arms contain the cellulite which makes them look fat.

・Those who have lots of extra fat and sagging skin.
→ Jawline is not well-defined.
→ Deep cheek grooves and corners of the mouth are clearly visible.
→ Have a belly.

・Those who want to lose fat.
→ Those who get a double chin (neck wattle) easily.
→ Thick thighs.

・Those who want to improve their skin conditions.
→ Easily get an acne.
→ Have large pores.

Our treatments can be customized according to the client’s problem for both face and body.

As it is a natural treatment, there is no dangerous side effect.
For those of you who has tried the old style HIFU treatment, and felt like the pain was unbearable, or who have never tried HIFU before, MONDO HIFU is recommended for you to try once!


The Properties of MONDO HIFU

Results in better skin lifting

The wave is sent to the subsurface layer (SMAS layer) of the skin. It will stimulate the deep skin layer to be more active. As a result, it helps preventing the cause of saggy skin which will help tightening and lifting the facial skin.

Enhances skin conditions

It helps stimulating collagen production and blood circulation. The wave also helps brightening and tightening skin, and reducing dark spots, wrinkles and acne.

Improvement of neck wrinkles and sagging

The treatment of saggy skin and wrinkles on the neck will increase the efficiency of facial wrinkles treatment by lifting the skin from the neck.

About safety


MONDO HIFU is the latest innovation of our clinic.

Compared to the old version of HIFU, the MONDO HIFU is safer and more effective; also, the result of it is last longer.

Moreover, it can treat the skin area around the eyes, eye tail, neck and forehead, where the old HIFU cannot.

For those who are concerned about the results, the staff will explain in more detail.

MONDO BEAUTY Clinic. We are happy to give advice and answer to all the questions, so that our customers will not have to worry about making HIFU.

If you have any questions, please contact us.